Sparkling Orange | Grapes | Caramel

Nosy Lucy

Rs. 490

A bright blend with stone fruit-forward notes and a sweet aftertaste that lingers. Perfect for Espresso and Americano snobs.

Flavour Profile:

A refreshing combination of sweet and orange, with notes of grape and caramel

About the Bean

Bright-eyed and ginger tailed, Nosy Lucy inspired the phrase curiosity loves the cat'. You'll find her curled up in everyone's laps, eavesdropping on

Bandra’s hottest gossip. This coffee, from the Baba Budangiri region in Chikamagalur is a Medium Roast coffee processed by the Honey Sun Dried method. It is a process where these fresh coffee cherries were de-pulped (outer skin is removed) but allowed to dry without washing the mucilage. Therefore, this process is considered to be half-way between a washed coffee and a natural process coffee!