Your neighbourhood, all-day sandwich shop offering good, honest sandwiches and a whole lot more! 

The Hood & The Space

Housed inside the iconic St. Jude’s Bakery, located in a narrow by-lane in the quaint village of Ranwar, Veronica’s rekindles our love for Bandra.

You can find Veronica’s at the junction of Waroda Road and Veronica’s Street.

Life Is A Great Sandwich

Home to adventurous sandwiches, with a well-balanced union of flavours at the heart of every offering, Veronica’s presents the sandwich in bold, complex, global combinations.

Bake Me Home

Paying homage to the iconic and much-loved St. Jude Bakery, Veronica’s puts the spotlight back on breads and bakes.

Cappuccino, Kombucha, And Tea...

We offer a striking range sourced from single-origin coffee estates in Chikmagalur, Karnataka